Head to toe. Our outfitters



After the match we on occasions dress formally.  No 1s.  White shirt. Club tie . Waistcoat.   The blazer is optional as are the trousers.  Ladies we have a  dress option 

Club ties and socks are in stock at www.rhinorugbychina.com

Green and Black


The fabric has been paid for by the club. All you need do is pay for the making

Waistcoat. 200 rmb

Trousers. 200 rmb

Blazer. 500 rmb

Joanna Cao


weechat Joanna 

WeChat ID: wxid_z209sfs9mgu912

Joanna has the green & black fabric and the black blazer or dress material 

NB. Blazers by invitation only 

Shirts and Suits


Peter can make everything else you would need. Shirts,coats and suits.  Prices depend on your choice of material. Standard long sleeve white shirts start at 150rmb ready in a few days    Just a few stalls up from Joanna

Shanghai South Bund Fabric Market


It’s a 20 rmb taxi ride from Zapatas  open 7 days except local holidays 

Both tailors are on the same aisle at this market.  Just mention SRFC 



We are delighted that Jerry and his team have joined the club to kit out our feet in the iconic Shanghai brand classic Feiyue. Now part of the team after match uniform as well as everyday wear.